Pay As You Go Truck Insurance


What you need to know about Pay As You GO New Venture Truck Insurance.
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  • Connect the device to your truck.
  • Download the mobile app.
  • Drive.
  • Miles driven are reported electronically.



  • Never pay for idle time, just the miles you drive.
  • Receive 10% Credit on the auto liability.
  • No large out-of -pocket startup costs.
  • Your deposit is applied to your renewal policy.
  • No monthly minimum premium.
  • No installment fees or interest is added.
  • No monthly paperwork on your end.
  • Covers the entire cost of the device.

WHO is Eligible?

  • Class A CDL with 2 years driving experience.
  • Radius of 500+ mile operation.
  • Tractor model 2000 or newer.
  • Operating 2 tractors in the business.
    • 1 Tractor -Driver must be the owner.
    • 2 Tractor-Driver must be the owner and an additional driver must be a company employee.

Must have (or applied for) official DOT Number.    

Get some more information about this great opportunity to save money on Big Rig Truck Insurance.

ELD waiver for agricultural transporters

Need to know information about Electronic Logging Devices for truckers.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today announced additional steps to address the unique needs of the country’s agriculture industries and provided further guidance to assist in the effective implementation of the Congressionally-mandated electronic logging device (ELD) rule without impeding commerce or safety.

The Agency is announcing an additional 90-day temporary waiver from the ELD rule for agriculture related transportation. Additionally, during this time period, FMCSA will publish final guidance on both the agricultural 150 air-mile hours-of-service exemption and personal conveyance. FMCSA will continue its outreach to provide assistance to the agricultural industry and community regarding the ELD rule.

“We continue to see strong compliance rates across the country that improve weekly, but we are mindful of the unique work our agriculture community does and will use the following 90 days to ensure we publish more helpful guidance that all operators will benefit from,” said FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez.

Since December 2017, roadside compliance with the House of Service record-keeping requirements, including the ELD rule, has been steadily increasing, with roadside compliance reaching a high of 96% in the most recent available data. There are over 330 separate self-certified devices listed on the registration list.

Beginning April 1, 2018 full enforcement of the ELD rule begins. Carriers that do not have an ELD when required will be placed out of service. The driver will remain out-of-service for 10 hours in accordance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance criteria. At that point, to facilitate compliance, the driver will be allowed to travel to the next scheduled stop and should not be dispatched again without an ELD. If the driver is dispatched again without an ELD, the motor carrier will be subject to further enforcement action.

Learn more at

New venture commercial auto truck insurance types insurable

We can insure most anything that is a commercially registered vehicle. Our list below shows what is most requested by our customers.


New venture truck & bus types list of most covered vehicles:

•Cement and pump trucks
•Refrigerated box trucks
•Roll-on vehicles
•Semi trucks
•Stake body trucks
•Straight trucks
•Box truck
•Charter Buses
•Dump truck
•Flatbed truck
•Express delivery truck
•Refrigerated truck
•Tanker truck
•Tractor Trailer
•Box trucks
•Dump trucks
•Flatbed trucks
•Front loaders
•Garbage trucks
•Pickup trucks with standard or commercial beds
•Tank trucks
•Tow trucks
•Truck Tractors/ Semi’s and trailers
•Vocational trucks
•Auto hauler trailers
•Bottom dump trailers
•Bulk commodity trailers
•Concession trailers
•Dry freight trailers
•Dump body trailers
•Flatbed trailers
•Gooseneck trailers
•Horse trailers
•Livestock trailers
•Logging trailers
•Lowboy trailers
•Pole trailers
•Refrigerated trailers
•Tank trailers
•Sightseeing Buses
•Tilt trailers
•Transfer boxes
•Utility trailers

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Start-up trucking companies could reshape the trucking world

Start-up trucking companies and Connected vehicles and services will be a game changer.
Connected vehicles and services will be a game changer.

A new study by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan indicates that a growing variety of Start-up trucking ventures are fomenting broad change in the global trucking industry – altering everything from how trucks operate, including driving themselves, to how freight shipments are booked, paid for, and moved.

In the firm’s report, entitled, Start-ups Disrupting Global Connected Truck Market 2016-2017 Kar said there is a “huge upside for improvement [in trucking] for it is not the most optimized industry – there are so many moving parts moving at sub-optimal speeds.”

He added that consumers and shippers today are being “born into reality called Amazon” where the low-cost yet extremely speedy delivery of all manner of goods is now an everyday expectation.

“That’s why these Start-up trucking operations are moving the needle and driving the innovation,” he pointed out. “They are here to drive efficiencies, drive opportunities to lower TCO [total cost of operations], enhance safety, and to increase revenue potential for [industry] stakeholders.”

Driver shortage will be a big problem going forward for Start-up trucking companies as well as established companies as an aging qualified over the road group of drivers are nearing retirement and looking to get off of the road. Having a supply of qualified and capable driver force to call upon will be difficult due to regulations and the training and qualifications required to get into the commercial trucking business.

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Choose your business tax structure. It is an important decision. We have assembled a list for you.

Sole Proprietorship-Most Popular

A sole proprietorship is the most basic type of business to establish. You alone own the company and are responsible for its assets and liabilities.

Limited Liability Company-Probably the best choice

An LLC is designed to provide the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership.


A corporation is more complex and generally suggested for larger, established companies with multiple employees.

S Corporation

An S corporation is similar to a C corporation but you are taxed only on the personal level.

Use the SBA to get more information on a new business startup. Click here to go to the US Small Business Administration website.

Here is a small sampling of the industries that we insure daily with Commercial Auto, General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Property Insurance.

•Appliance stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Barbecue truck/trailer operator
•Clothing apparel stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Coffee/donut cart operator
•Electronic stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Florists (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Food/beverage cart operator
•Food truck/trailer operator
•Home furnishing stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Hot dog cart operator
•Ice cream truck operator
•Ice cream/snow cone/shaved ice cart operator
•Jewelry stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Lemonade cart operator
•Mobile food concessions
•Mobile food services
•Mobile food vending services
•Mobile kitchen operator
•Mobile street food vendor
•Other stores (no food/drink) (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Other stores (with food/drink) (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Snack truck operator

•Answering/paging services (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Business manager services
•Event planning/promotion
•Executive placement (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Life/career/executive coaching
•Personal concierge/assistant
•Project management
•Recruiting (employment placements) (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Talent agency (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Training (business, vocational or life skills)
•Travel agency (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)

•Brand consultant
•Digital marketing
•Direct marketing
•Market research
•Marketing/media consulting
•Public relations
•Search engine services (SEO/SEM)
•Social media consultant
•Other marketing/PR services

•Gutter or chimney cleaning
•Landscaping/gardening services (residential and commercial)
•Lawn care services (residential and commercial)
•Snow blowing and removal (no auto coverage)

•Dryer vent cleaning
•Janitorial/cleaning services
•Residential cleaning services (interior and exterior)
•Small commercial office cleaning (interior only)

•Acupressure services
•Acupuncture services
•Art therapy
•Barber/hair stylist services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Beautician/cosmetology services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Dance therapy
•Diet/nutrition services
•Drama therapy
•Esthetician services (No GL Footage Cap)
•First aid and CPR training
•Marriage and family therapy
•Massage therapy (No GL Footage Cap)
•Mental health counseling
•Music therapy
•Nail technician services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Occupational therapy
•Personal training (health & fitness)
•Pilates instruction
•Small salon owner (No GL Footage Cap)
•Social work services
•Speech therapy (No coverage in NV)
•Substance abuse counseling
•Yoga instruction

•Air conditioning systems installation and repair
•Appliance and accessories installation and repair
•Carpentry (interior only)
•Carpet, rug, furniture, or upholstery cleaning (customer’s premises only)
•Clock making and repair
•Door or window installation and repair
•Driveway or sidewalk paving/repaving
•Drywall or wallboard installation and repair
•Electrical work (interior only)
•Fence installation and repair
•Floor covering installation (no ceramic tile or stone)
•Glass installation and repair (no auto work)
•Handy-person (no roof work)
•Heating and air conditioning installation and repair (no liquefied petroleum gas (LPG))
•Interior finishing work
•Masonry work
•Painting (interior only)
•Plastering or stucco work
•Plumbing (commercial and residential)
•Sign painting and lettering (interior and exterior)
•Tile, stone, marble, mosaic, or terrazzo work (interior only)
•Upholstery work
•Window cleaning (nothing above 15 feet)