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New Venture Insurance near you. Commercial lines or business insurance for starting a business with expert help from new venture brokers and companies. Starting a new business is hard and insurance should not add to the complexities that you encounter getting everything going. Budget minded coverage available.

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Choose your business tax structure. It is an important decision. We have assembled a list for you.

Sole Proprietorship-Most Popular

A sole proprietorship is the most basic type of business to establish. You alone own the company and are responsible for its assets and liabilities.

Limited Liability Company-Probably the best choice

An LLC is designed to provide the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership.


A corporation is more complex and generally suggested for larger, established companies with multiple employees.

S Corporation

An S corporation is similar to a C corporation but you are taxed only on the personal level.

Use the SBA to get more information on a new business startup. Click here to go to the US Small Business Administration website.

Here is a small sampling of the industries that we insure daily.

•Appliance stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Barbecue truck/trailer operator
•Clothing apparel stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Coffee/donut cart operator
•Electronic stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Florists (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Food/beverage cart operator
•Food truck/trailer operator
•Home furnishing stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Hot dog cart operator
•Ice cream truck operator
•Ice cream/snow cone/shaved ice cart operator
•Jewelry stores (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Lemonade cart operator
•Mobile food concessions
•Mobile food services
•Mobile food vending services
•Mobile kitchen operator
•Mobile street food vendor
•Other stores (no food/drink) (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Other stores (with food/drink) (GL Revenue Limit: $3M)
•Snack truck operator

•Answering/paging services (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Business manager services
•Event planning/promotion
•Executive placement (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Life/career/executive coaching
•Personal concierge/assistant
•Project management
•Recruiting (employment placements) (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Talent agency (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)
•Training (business, vocational or life skills)
•Travel agency (GL Square Footage Cap: 35K)

•Brand consultant
•Digital marketing
•Direct marketing
•Market research
•Marketing/media consulting
•Public relations
•Search engine services (SEO/SEM)
•Social media consultant
•Other marketing/PR services

•Gutter or chimney cleaning
•Landscaping/gardening services (residential and commercial)
•Lawn care services (residential and commercial)
•Snow blowing and removal (no auto coverage)

•Dryer vent cleaning
•Janitorial/cleaning services
•Residential cleaning services (interior and exterior)
•Small commercial office cleaning (interior only)

•Acupressure services (No coverage in NV)
•Acupuncture services (No coverage in NV)
•Art therapy
•Audiology (No PL in NV)
•Barber/hair stylist services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Beautician/cosmetology services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Dance therapy
•Diet/nutrition services
•Drama therapy
•Esthetician services (No GL Footage Cap)
•First aid and CPR training
•Marriage and family therapy
•Massage therapy (No GL Footage Cap)
•Mental health counseling
•Music therapy
•Nail technician services (No GL Footage Cap)
•Occupational therapy
•Personal training (health & fitness)
•Pilates instruction
•Small salon owner (No GL Footage Cap)
•Social work services
•Speech therapy (No coverage in NV)
•Substance abuse counseling
•Yoga instruction

•Air conditioning systems installation and repair
•Appliance and accessories installation and repair
•Carpentry (interior only)
•Carpet, rug, furniture, or upholstery cleaning (customer’s premises only)
•Clock making and repair
•Door or window installation and repair
•Driveway or sidewalk paving/repaving
•Drywall or wallboard installation and repair
•Electrical work (interior only)
•Fence installation and repair
•Floor covering installation (no ceramic tile or stone)
•Glass installation and repair (no auto work)
•Handy-person (no roof work)
•Heating and air conditioning installation and repair (no liquefied petroleum gas (LPG))
•Interior finishing work
•Masonry work
•Painting (interior only)
•Plastering or stucco work
•Plumbing (commercial and residential)
•Sign painting and lettering (interior and exterior)
•Tile, stone, marble, mosaic, or terrazzo work (interior only)
•Upholstery work
•Window cleaning (nothing above 15 feet)